Why Not

Published on February 2, 2021

The last few months, I’ve been on a podcast kick while on my daily drive. Wes and Scott at Syntax.fm are an educational duo I look forward to each week. Chris and Dave at Shop Talk Show are also a lot of fun. They talk about hot new web tech stuff and tell client stories. Living in an area that doesn’t have many people to nerd out with about this stuff, the podcasts make me feel a little more connected to the human part of industry. Is that weird? At any rate, all these guys and their guests are always talking about their personal sites and how they use them as playgrounds and grow them over the years. That made me want a lame ass personal site again. So here it is.

I want a place to play around. If I want to rebuild the site ten different times, each with a different framework, go me! I could use a place to practice writing again. It’s something I used to do. I also have it in my head that I’m going to open up and have something to say about depression and mental illness, which has held me back so, so many years of my life. I see cool folks like Kurt Kemple openly writing about it and it’s relieving in a way. So maybe. We’ll see.

So yeah. Welcome.