Hell, other people talk about their stuff. It’s not fancy, but here’s some of my stuff.


Notion: This is the note taking app I always wanted. I like that its accessible from all my devices. I like that I can write, copy and paste in Markdown. I like that it allows me to create a personal wiki of sorts. It’s awesome!

Figma: This has been my design tool for awhile. It has almost everything one needs to do user interface and vector work and it just keeps getting better.

Todoist: This is one powerful task tracking app. It helps my distracted brain get back on track. I like the interface and the way scheduling works a lot.


Macbook Pro (2014): She’s getting a little old, but still working like a champ. I can absolutely do most everything on Windows these days, but you have to do stuff to make it work. It just works on a Mac.

Pixel 3a: I carried an iPhone for years, but decided to give Android another try because I liked what Google Fi (affiliate link) was doing. I still like Fi a lot. I miss iMessage, but I like it well enough with some adjustments from the defaults, especially gesture navigation.

PS4: I play a bit of Overwatch. Poorly.